Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Una joya de la elocuencia:
Meditation techniques do work and with effort an average individual can push themselves ahead in consciousness to the equivalent of 10%, 20%, or even 30% of a fully enlightened state. Consciousness comes in degrees of intensity and fullness and it is far better to be 30% enlightened than not enlightened at all. If you meditate day after day, year after year, your meditation becomes easier and more powerful as your brain structure changes itself to accommodate your lifestyle. " Tibet has produced many semi-Buddhas through the wholesale grooming of children to become Buddhist monks, but India has always been the powerhouse at producing full Buddhas, not just half Buddhas or near Buddhas. Indian sages are almost always lone individuals who are born destined to become enlightened. They are not part of a theocracy or an army of monks, and they usually become enlightened completely alone. Their enlightenment does not come from virtue or past life experience, but from the Indian brain structure which is the most suited to the superconscious state.
Ilustración: Camello sobre lengua de dragón, acuarela sobre papel. Marcela Lizarraga Lopez

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