Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Big cities, by and by, should disappear; small communes should take their place. Families should disappear, so there is no loyalty towards a family, no loyalty towards a nation. Children are brought up by the commune, not by the parents. And it is to be decided by the commune how many children are needed, because as people's lives become longer we will need less and less children. If the old people are going to stay longer, then for new guests we don't have any room. In the past it was possible -- go on producing children, as many as you can. A woman was almost always pregnant, until the day she became unable to be pregnant. She went on producing like a factory -- because people's life span was very small.
The New Dawn

Foto: Maasai Mara Reserve,Kenya. De Wildlifedirect Blog: Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit de Azuka Takita

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