Sunday, October 30, 2005



“Becoming a sannyasin is a simple gesture that you are ready to become free. Free from nationality: The sannyasin will not think of himself as an Indian or a German or an Italian. Even if he has to carry a pass-port, he will not think deep down in his consciousness that he is an Italian. He is simply universal.“A sannyasin will not think of himself as a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan—although there is no need to go on telling people about it, because I don't want you to create unnecessary troubles for yourselves. As it is, you have enough troubles. But deep down you will know, 'I am now just a human being.' You will transcend all barri-ers of nation, race, color, religion,“And basically, fundamentally, you will drop your upbringing, and you will become innocent again and you will start exploring life,”from "Philosophia Perennis", Vol, 1, Chapter 10.

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